Tugas Kelompok Aplikasi Multimedia

Diambil dari web bapak Muhayat, M.IT yaitu http://muhayat.com/  . Ini  merupakan penjelasan tugas kelompok mata kuliah Aplikasi Multimedia.

Kepada Ketua Kelas (U**ng):

1. Buat 24 Kelompok (masing2 kelompok 2 s/d 3 orang).
2. Masing-masing kelompok membuat ARTIKEL berdasarkan Topik2 Berikut:


Group 1.  Advanced Educational Uses of Multimedia and The World Wide Web (WWW) 
Group 2.  Compression in Digital Multimedia Systems
Group 3.  Designing Effective and Usable Multimedia Systems
Group 4.  Digital Videos in Multimedia Applications
Group 5.  Global Information Access: Computing, Telecommunication and Multimedia Convergence
Group 6.  Internet, Groupware and Knowledge Society
Group 7.  Issues and Challenges in Developing Virtual and Digital Libraries
Group 8.  Issues and Trends in Multimedia Interface Design
Group 9.  Issues in Multimedia Authoring Tools Selection
Group 10. Medical Applications of Virtual Reality
Group 11. Mobile Usage of Multimedia in the WWW
Group 12. Multimedia Applications for Education on Demand
Group 13. Multimedia Applications in Intelligent Cities
Group 14. Multimedia Applications in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
Group 15. Multimedia Networking: Applications, Issues and Challenges
Group 16. Multimedia: Tools, Trends and Applications
Group 17. Networked Multimedia for Telemedicine Applications
Group 18. Present and Future Multimedia Authoring Systems
Group 19. Security and Privacy Issues in Wireless Mobile Multimedia Applications
Group 20. Social and Economic Issues Related to Multimedia Education
Group 21. The potential of Virtual Reality in the Education and Training of People with Learning Disabilities
Group 22. The Role of Multimedia in Edutainment Industries
Group 23. The Role of Multimedia in Smart Schools and Electronic Government
Group 24. Use of Multimedia and WWW Resources in Telemedicine Environment


a.  Write a Article Title, Group’s Name
b.  Write NOT more than 10 pages
c.  Use at least 5 JOURNAL/literature/link as your references
d.  Use single spacing and font size 12
e.  Use title of the topic and page number as the footer
f.  Date line: 23 Maret 2011